Information for Nannies

Monticello Nannies offers a placement service that will match your skills, experience and availability with one of our many temporary or permanent job openings. We work hard to find the ideal situation for you!

Below you fill find our 7 step process and job descriptions.

Step 1

Agency caregivers must be:

•18 years of age or older

•A High School graduate or have a GED

•Able to provide a valid drivers license and have a safe driving record

•Willing to take a TB test

•Willing to become CPR Certified for infants and children

•Able to provide Monticello Nannies with the names and numbers of at least three childcare references that are not related to you, or have 2 years verifiable experience

•Eligible to work in the United States

•Willing to undergo a background check


Part-time and full time-permanent Nannies only, must be:

•Willing to commit to a family for a minimum of one year

•Willing to find childcare for your young children unless you seek a "mom nanny position" where you take your child to work, but earn less

•Willing to do light housekeeping related to the children (ex. laundry, dishes, general clean-up)

Step 2
Fill out the online application

Complete the Nanny Application. It is important to be as accurate as possible. Our goal is to learn as much about you as we can.

Step 3
Face to face interview

This is your chance to shine. Tell us about yourself and your knowledge of child development. The interview will consist of questions pertaining to your experience, how you would handle different situations, and what you are looking for in a nanny position. Keep in mind we are here to help you. If you are open and honest, we will be better able to represent you.

Step 4
Reference Check

We will check childcare, past employment, character and volunteer references, and we will verify your education. We want to find out that you are reliable, dependable, mature, patient, creative with children, follow directions, and eligible for rehire.

Step 5

If you have been successfully pre-qualified, Monticello Nannies will invite you to attend an orientation and ask you to fill out a personal profile questionnaire. These questions are optional. You are not required to answer them. The more you answer, however, the better a match we can make. Upon completing the personal profile, we will conduct the rest of the orientation.


At this time you will have the opportunity to take and/or look at the families’ applications. Monticello Nannies will only send your file to the families in whose applications you have expressed interest.


A background check will be conducted at this stage, and you are eligible to call in your availability and accept jobs as soon as we notify you that the results have been received.

Step 6
Family Interviews

After the families have read your file, if they are interested, Monticello Nannies will contact you to set up an interview. During the interview you will have the chance to meet the family, interact with the children and see the working environment.

Step 7

Congratulations, you've been hired! An offer is made, drawn up in a detailed contract by Monticello Nannies that outlines hours, rate of pay, vacation guidelines, benefits and job expectations. The family and the Nanny will be asked to sign the contract. You will now become an employee of the family. Monticello Nannies is not your employer, but we are always here to help with support and guidance. Please call if you have questions or concerns (or just to tell us things are great!)

Job Descriptions



Works in a family’s home on a regularly scheduled basis. Arrives promptly each day—dependability is very important. Basic child care duties include meal preparation, clean-up, attending to children’s hygiene, planning educational activities, and possibly transporting children. Nanny is responsible for all housekeeping duties that are related to children’s needs, which may include dishes, laundry, picking up toys, cleaning up projects, etc. Must keep children’s rooms and play areas orderly and ensure that the house is at least as clean as when parents left. Nanny must commit to at least one year with family. Nanny will interview with prospective families and negotiate salary and benefits. Salaries vary with hours, duties, nanny’s education, number of children, and job experience. Live-in nannies will also discuss living quarters and house rules.

Duties similar to nanny position. HHM generally works with school aged children, caring for children before and after school and running the household during the hours of 9 am-3 pm. HHM duties also include more housekeeping, errand running (grocery shopping, etc.), coordinating of service people at the home (lawn care, repairmen), family laundry, transportation of children to school and activities, and possible cooking. HHM may be asked to do various household and family projects. Salary is slightly higher than full-time nanny.

Choose when you want to work. Often works on short-term notice (several hours or more) and in various locations around Charlottesville. Most jobs are in private homes but could also be in hotel or in group settings. Must be adaptable to new families and situations and use appropriate child care techniques. Must arrive promptly, prepared to adapt to children’s needs and interests, and plan activities accordingly. Responsibilities can include meal and snack preparation, clean-up, bathing, etc. Must adhere to parents’ rules and meal and snack suggestions. Caregiver may need to bring a tote bag of activities if the job is at a hotel, and a sack lunch. Caregiver is guaranteed four hours pay.

Work is similar to on-call sitting as described above, but many children are mildly ill (chicken pox, fever, flu-like symptoms). Should be patient and understanding with sick children of all ages, and understand the importance of hygenic practices. Typical duties include taking temperature, administering medication (only when instructed in writing by the parent), monitoring the children for changes and improvement, providing quiet activities, preparing meals, and cleaning up. Must be attentive to children’s physical and emotional needs including ensuring that children’s clothing and diapers are clean, and children are kept as clean and comfortable as possible. Must be available by phone in early morning hours (6:30-9 am). Caregiver is guaranteed four hours pay at a slightly higher rate than a temporary/on-call caregiver.

Works with at least 1 weeks’ notice. Assignments may last one night or up to two weeks, either 24 hours per day or just around school hours. Duties and responsibilities are similar to those of Temporary On-Call Caregiver, plus additional duties such as transportation of children, meal preparation, and children’s laundry. Caregiver stays with children overnight and also during the day if children are not in school. Pay is per day, based on waking hours with a flat fee for overnight care.

Cares for infant(s) while parents sleep. Monitor baby sleeping, change, feed, burp and hold baby. Mother may ask to be awakened to breastfeed baby. Often parents requesting this service have multiples. Newborn experience a MUST; experience raising your own children or multiples experience a plus. You do not sleep on these assignments. Pay is slightly higher than a temporary/on-call caregiver, with a 7-hour minimum.


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