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Monticello Nannies is a parent’s best resource for excellent childcare. We offer a variety of caregiver services that can make finding excellent child care simple, the way it should be

Below you fill find our 7 step process and the description of services.

Step 1
Pick a service.
Step 2
Fill out the application.
Step 3
Set up in home visitation
Step 4
Meet the Nannies in person

• Temporary/On-Call Services
• Sick/Emergency Caregiver
• 24-Hour/Overnight Caregiver
• Newborn Overnight Caregiver
• Permanent Nanny Placement
• Household Manager
• Group Care
• Hotel Care

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Register for Temporary/On-Call Services, apply for a Longterm full-time or part-time nanny. Be as accurate as possible with your job description, but if you aren’t sure we can help you pinpoint your needs when we meet in person.

Temp Application

Permanent Application

We want to meet the family! The more we know about you, the greater the chance of a successful placement. We will work out a final job description, sign a services agreement, and the search for your perfect nanny begins.

Up to three qualified candidates will be interviewed by the family. These nannies have undergone preliminary background checks, had their experience and references verified, and have a minimum of two years working with children.

Step 5
Make a job offer

You and your new nanny will negotiate compensation. After an agreement is reached, an intent to hire contract is signed by the family and the nanny.

Step 6
Contract & Second Background Check
Step 7
30-day trial period

Monticello Nannies is committed to placing safe nannies so that you have peace of mind when you are away from home. Nannies who accept long-term positions undergo two rounds of background checks. When the final checks are completed, we draw up a contract that details the expectations of the parents including duties, hours, and specific information about your family’s needs. The contract also specifies the nanny’s compensation, and any benefits, vacation or sick days included with the employment offer.

During this time, Monticello Nannies is available to help amend the employment contract to include any unforeseen issues. If a serious problem occurs, and you need to break the contract, Monticello Nannies will provide one additional candidate who is qualified for your nanny position, along with a new contract if you make an offer to the new candidate. After the 30-day trial period, you still have some options if a serious problem occurs within the next 5 months. These options are detailed in the service agreement.




Families can register for Temporary/On-Call Services if you need occasional childcare or a nanny for a period of 3 months or less. Monticello Nannies collects an annual registration fee, along with a small placement fee for each day/evening we place a nanny in your home. All our Nannies have verifiable experience and have undergone background checks.

When you sign up for Temporary/On-Call Services, you also have access to our Sick/Emergency Caregiver as well as 24-hour/Overnight Caregiver Services for the same small placement fee.

Temporary/On-Call Service

Available on short-term notice (several hours or more) when you register for our service. Nannies are adaptable to new families and situations and use appropriate child care techniques. They are prepared to discover children’s needs and interests, and plan activities accordingly. Responsibilities can include meal and snack preparation, clean-up, bathing, etc. Nannies adhere to parents’ rules and meal and snack suggestions. There is a four hour minimum per job. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience.

Sick and Emergency Caregiver Service

Available for mildly ill children who need to stay home when you can’t. Nannies are patient and understanding with sick children of all ages, and understand the importance of hygienic practices. Typical duties include taking temperature, administering medication (only when instructed in writing by the parent), monitoring the children for changes and improvement, providing quiet activities, preparing meals, and cleaning up. Nannies are attentive to children’s physical and emotional needs and ensure that children’s clothing and diapers are clean, and children are kept as comfortable as possible. There is a four-hour minimum per job. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience.

24-Hour and Overnight Service

Available with at least 1 week notice. Assignments may last one night or up to two weeks, either 24 hours per day or just around school hours. Duties and responsibilities are similar to those of Temporary On-Call Caregiver, plus additional duties such as transportation of children, meal preparation, and children’s laundry. Caregiver stays with children overnight and also during the day if children are not in school. Pay is per day, based on waking hours with a flat fee for overnight care. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience.

Newborn Overnight Caregiver

Caregiver stays awake so you don’t have to. Monitors baby sleeping, changes diapers, feeds, burps and holds baby. Mother may ask to be awakened to breastfeed baby. This is a popular solution for parents of multiples. Our Newborn Caregivers are always experienced with newborns. There is a 7-hour minimum for newborn overnight care. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience.

Group and Hotel Care

We can provide caregivers for a group of children with 1 week notice. We also refer our nannies to families visiting Charlottesville and staying in a hotel. For details, please call the Monticello Nannies office and tell us about your child care needs.



If you are looking for a nanny who will work with your family for at least 1 year, you can delegate the job to Monticello Nannies and be assured that we will find the best candidates to fill your unique position. A Monticello Nannies representative will visit you in your home for the intake interview so that we can really get to know your family. After you choose your new nanny, a trial period ensures that both parties are satisfied, or we will provide a new candidate for the job.

Permanent Nannies (Full-Time and Part-Time)

Works in a family’s home on a regularly scheduled basis. Child care duties include meal preparation, clean-up, attending to children’s hygiene, planning educational activities, and possibly transporting children. Nanny is responsible for all housekeeping duties that are related to children’s needs, which may include dishes, laundry, picking up toys, cleaning up projects, etc. Keeps children’s rooms and play areas orderly and ensures that the house is at least as clean as when parents left. Nanny commits to at least one year with family. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience.

Household Manager

Duties similar to nanny position. HHM generally works with school aged children, caring for children before and after school and running the household during the hours of 9 am-3 pm. HHM duties also include more housekeeping, errand running (grocery shopping, etc.), coordinating of service people at the home (lawn care, repairmen), family laundry, transportation of children to school and activities, and possible cooking. HHM may be asked to do various household and family projects. Salary is slightly higher than full-time nanny. Salaries vary with hours, duties, education, number of children, and job experience. Household Manager positions last for at least 1 year.

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